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Shelter Is Burning

For the entire LGBTQIA+ community and everyone with an open mind.

Come as you are!

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About ...Is Burning

Is Burning is the gay event hosted by Carlos Valdes which once started at Trouw Amsterdam. Inspired by the old skool LGBT club culture, with a passion for underground house music, from Disco and Chicago House to Techno. Is Burning is a desire to be absolutely free, to shine and to be who you want to be.

Is Burning hosts parties in venues as Shelter Amsterdam, De Marktkantine, BAR, Paradigm and WAS. Artists that played at Is Burning are Andy Butler, Boris, Eric Cloutier, Heartthrob, Dr. Rubinstein, Jane Fitz, Job Jobse, Justin Cudmore, Kim Ann Foxman, Massimiliano Pagliara, Mike Servito, Nick V, Sandrien, Steffi, Tama Sumo, Tijana T, Virginia and many more...




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Have you seen our newly launched accessoires? The well-known Is Burning name necklace that many of our befriended DJ's wear, can be yours too.

The newest addition to our collection is the one with the Is Burning ‘fabric’ logo.
Wear these necklaces with fierce and pride. When and where is up to you. 

Our necklaces are made of sterling silver with of without a 18K gold plating. We also offer the necklaces in 14K solid gold. They are 40 cm long box chains with an extension chain of 5 cm.